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Go Lyrics - Sunny Malton

Go Lyrics by Sunny Malton is latest Punjabi song with music given by Byg Byrd. Go song lyrics are written by Sunny Malton.

Go Song Detail
Singer: Sunny Malton
Composer: Byg Byrd
Lyrics by: Sunny Malton

Go Lyrics

Byg Byrd Rdb
Byg Byrd Rdb
Punjabi main mujhe angreji nehi hondi
Byg Byrd Baby

I know something you don't jnow
Red light, green light all my killas on go
Go go go....Go go go

I know something you don't jnow
Red light, green light all my killas on go
Go go go....Go go go

I started form the bottom
Why you think they show me love
I putt the plug on your plug
For thingking the plug
I got way too many apps
You won't catch me in a club
I'm a all star baby but i carry me a snub
Let fly at any minute, why you think i call it zion
That might be your chick but my click is what she be on
Call of duty vision, i be shooting like a recan
I go dumb on these beats
But don't compare me to these retards
God damn it baby, i got money in my flesh
If i'm going for the bag 6 figures nothing less
They say love is in the air so you i hold my breath

If i'm praying for my enemies in praying for their death
I seen that move joker
Y'all could play that role
Life ain't no poker, i ain't finna fold
Red light, green like my killas give and go
I seen a bunch of homies switch without a pick and roll
Don't compare me to these rappers that be rapping in punjabi
Motherf*uck a lultaan cause that homies a punani
He looking like he gandhi, this looking like a hammi
Never been crowd surfling but i'm bout to catch a body
I'm gunnin like the raptors, homie you don't know me
He claim to be an og
But i don't know b

I drink a 24, you getting 8 like kobe
Fuck a old app, he already looks like he 40
How you talking shit but you living out in moose jaw
2 to his grill, leave him with a loose jaw
I aint finna shoot y'all, this is what i do dog
Drag you through queens, you a bitch like ru paul

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